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Advertising in Elevators



The price is taking into account the seasonal coefficient at
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Stands located in the Elevator cabs, the houses of the city Kurgan.

The format of the A4 leaflet

Advertising in elevators, as well as other types of advertising is used to convey to humans certain information. Every person has the right to decide what he should do with the received information and determine for yourself whether it is useful or not.

Stands have a high anti-vandal protection, and meet all relevant quality standards.

Number of lifts: 150

Photos of at least 70% of the total.

The address of the location of the elevators

1st floor, 9 (3 lifts)
1st micro-district, 11 (4 lifts)
1-y Mikrorayon, 16 (6 lifts)
1st floor, 35 (6 lifts)
2nd micro-district, 2 (6 elevators)
2nd micro-district, 10 (7 elevators)
2nd micro-district, 12 (4 lifts)
3rd micro-district, 12 (3 elevators)
3rd district, 12/1 (5 lifts)
6th St., 20/1 (3 elevators)
The 6th micro-district, 21 (3 elevators)
6th floor, 21/1 (3 elevators)
6A district 1 (3 lifts)
6A district 7 (4 lifts)
6A district 8 (2 lifts)
6A district 6A (2 elevators)
May 9 2D (4 lifts)
May 9 4A (2 elevators)
May 9, 4B (2 elevators)
May 9, 4B/1 (2 lifts)
May 9, 4B (6 lifts)
May 9, 4V/1 (5 lifts)
Alekseeva 5/2 (3 elevators)
Anfinogenova 9 (3 lifts)
Anfinogenova 57 (3 elevators)
Dzerzhinsky 31A (2 lifts)
Dzerzhinsky 31G (3 elevators)
Green 6 (3 elevators)
Karbysheva 2 (3 elevators)
Karbysheva 44B (2 elevators)
Karl Marx 100 (4 lifts)
Kurtamysh 20 (4 lifts)
Kremleva 3 (of 4 Elevator)
Garden 8A (1 lift)
Chernorechenskaya 59 (4 lifts)
Chernorechenskaya 63 (3 elevators)
Chernorechenskaya 63A (4 lifts)
Chernorechenskaya 119 (4 lifts)
Chapaeva 21 (3 elevators)
School 13 (of 4 Elevator)
Yablochkina 6 (4 lifts)
4-y Mikrorayon 15 (3 elevators)


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We support the following payment options for advertising:
To the current account under the contract
Bank transfer through a mobile bank for individuals (under the offer agreement).

Advertising is launched after 100% prepayment.
The invoice is automatically billed in your account after the seller confirms the order.
In case of late payment, the schedule for advertising may move.

If you have any questions about payment, call the toll free number +7 800 1002 592

The seller provides a report on the release of advertising after the end of the advertising campaign.

If the advertisement is not made through the fault of the seller - the seller compensates for the output of the advertisement as agreed with the customer